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The Vengaboys were all men? Is this true? Wiki is giving me no love.
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First thing I did after episode ended was hop on Google.

From The Eurodance Encyclopaedia: 2005 : Denise gave birth to a baby called Jayden Winston Johannes.
Ok, so has a uterus. Probably not something you can get from surgery :D
I really hope(d) that was true D:
Same *is oddly disappointed*
Me too. :(
Oh man, it even sounded plausible!
oh my god., the only time i dont watch spicks and specks, my childhood dream to be like one of them is crushed.


This comment makes me miss Get This. You know Marsland would've had something to say about all this. :(
I can hear him singing the Vengabus song in my head right now ...
No-one can elongate the word 'sun' like Shanksy. :)
That's the first thing I thought of when the Vengaboys were brought up. Then I proceeded to launch into Tony's version of the Vengabus. Good times.
I don't even know what the correct words to the song are, and I don't care to know. :D
But it sounds infinitely better with a Cockney accent XD
Oh, undoubtedly. As are many things. :D

I've been on a massive Get This bender lately. I didn't realise how much I'd missed getting a new podcast every few days this year, now I've taken to spouting things like "Drizzled in jus" and "Liketogettoknowyouwellllll" at regular intervals to compensate. It's an illness.
I think I too know that disease. My symptoms manifest in the innocent questioning of "how come" when things don't go my way. And oddly, randomly declaring "Diagnosis Clarinet" of all things.

The podcasts made my morning on the bus. It's so fun to laugh and get random looks from strangers XD The first time I heard "Donkey Courtroom" was on a bus and it was almost too much to take!
God, last night coming home from work, Ed electrocuted himself with the remote-control helicopter. And I seriously could not hold it in. Luckily I was tucked away up the back of a crowded bus and I could kinda wheeze hysterically into my bag. Ed's whimpery "Oww..." and Richard's confused "What happened?!" makes me loooooose it. :D
Every time I hear that song by the foo fighters (pretender? idk) I HAVE to say "shorts." It's involuntary.
Oh yes, definitely a relflex response! Love the icon BTW ^_^
It's a gift, not an illness ;)