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Love the Geek within you

Newbie with an offer and request..

G'day all and despite the traditonal Aussie greating (I do love the fact that Adam Hills says that at the beginning of every episode) I am in fact English.

I popped my Adam Hills cherry, as it were, at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this year at which I saw his Inflatable gig. It was one of the best stand ups I have seen and really set the tone for the whole holiday. I was also fortunate to meet him afterwards and not only get his Jock Hancock but also have a picture taken with him and a very, very lovely man he is indeed. So needless to say I have been on a bit of Adam Hills spree over the last month and have become very much addicted to Spicks and Specks. So below you will find a youtube playlist of Adam Hills standup that I have found, as well as apperances on Mock the Week, and also episodes of Spicks and Specks that I have come across. I thought that it might be useful for new people who joined, and also those of you who may have missed some.

Now for the request. I was wondering if anyone had all the episodes of Spicks and Specks in which Ali McGregor has appeared? I only saw her at the Fringe festival on Adam and Jason Byrne's variety night, in which it was my last night there, and am gutted I never got to see her show. Please if anyone could upload them I would really, really appreciate it.

Thanks all and goodnight Australia ;)

Adam Hills

Spicks and Specks
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I have at least one, clip from it is below.

I can upload it somewhere for download, if you like.
that's okay, in my month of searching the web i've across this to. but thank you anyway :)
I'd appreciate the full episode of this, if you didn't mind?
I think she has made two appearances in every season, s1 it might have only been once, and I don't think we've seen her this year yet?

anyway. I have none of s1 or s2.

I have the s3 episodes which I can try to upload, or I can invite you to a torrent site where I will seed them for you, whatever you prefer.

you can find the s4 episodes (4.28 and 4.32) in this post if you join the community comedy_exchange (I'd post direct links but I'm not sure if that would bother anyone. also, most of s4 and s5 has been uploaded there if anyone is looking.)

okay, hope this helps :)
thanks so much, that's great. as for ali's season 3 episodes is it possible that you could please upload them?
yep, but it might take me a couple of days because I'll have to find the discs they're on.
ok here we go!

from season 3 (2007)

episode 25 with ali mcgregor, shane jacobson, richard gottehrer & russell howard
episode 33 with ali mcgregor, hamish blake, paul grabowsky, denise scott & the elvis sandwich ;)
Thank you :)