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how dead is this community

So, is there anyone around that wants to talk about the show?

Surely after nearly an entire series somebody has had a thought about guests or themes or games or shirts Adam wears that they want to share? Is there some secret s&s discussion haven that nobody's thought to tell me about or has everyone just gone off it or what? We didn't even have a 200 party.

Personally I've really been loving episodes this year, you?
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It's pretty dead.
I've enjoyed them as well!
The 200th episode was good, I think!
The themed ones have been good. We've got the 80s and 90s to go yet!
I can't wait! =D
yay :)

will all the themes be this year? thought they'd be saving some for next, though I'm sure they've come up with some new tricks by now :P
I'm not sure. I'm guessing not since the show normally finishes up in November, with the Christmas special in December...
I hope so, too.
It'd be nice to have some new things but so many people I know love the show with the normal weekly stuff.
I still think the show needs to go for an hour - we miss out on so much stuff that's funny that gets cut out. An hour would be awesome ;-)
Yes! Though an hour every week might be too much for some people who are not obsessed. Or they should do a compilation ep with only parts that were cut.

I wish I could go to a recording, damn not living east.
I think it'd be awesome. We miss out on so much by only having it for less than half an hour - which I also think gets shorter and shorter each week...
They should! Like those specials they have - or they could do a dvd of outtakes or something...

So do I. I hate not being able to go to one too =(
This year has been very good so far, some of course better than others, but on the whole, epic.

One thing I am very glad about is that so far Adam or whoever decides on who the guests are, has NOT had Akmal Salik on, good god I want to strangle that man every time he's on GNW.

Seriously, he makes me not want to watch ANYTHING he's on.
That man loves a tangent, doesn't he? I've heard people say going to tapings where he's a guest and getting the unedited version is worse. Definitely a small doses only guy.
I think the show's gone a bit stale, actually. It's gotten to the point where RocKwiz has proved itself to be far more entertaining, whereas before the two shows were fairly equal.

aww, that's unfortunate :(

any particular reason? I've been thinking the show has seemed a lot less quiz-like (as it has evolved from the days of that massive desk - how did they ever get anywhere from behind that thing?) so people who want the trivia probably don't enjoy it as much.

shamefully I'm really behind on my rockwiz this year. thought it was sweet they got the last question on the 200th episode though :)
I've been thinking the show has seemed a lot less quiz-like... so people who want the trivia probably don't enjoy it as much.

I think that sums up my feelings quite nicely. A lot of the time, I find myself wishing that Adam would cut the talk and ask some bloody questions. :(
It's been quite good...some nights they're more on form than others...and as funny as he is, I think Dave O'Neil has been on too many times.

And I was really disappointed with the 70's themed ep! That was so promising (And the one I was looking forward to the most), but the tension and the awkwardness really ruined it.
I have to agree there - looked like it was going to be awesome and then it was just awkward. I thought that the 50s one worked really well and the others haven't quite matched it.

also, I remember being irritated that Dave O'Neil was going to be in the first episode because I didn't really like him, but he's been on that many times this year I've gotten used to him and I think he's all right now!
Agreed about Dave. He can be hilarious, but he can also be annoying as fuck.

Deleted comment

haha, things have been quite dry on the admish front for some time, haven't they? Loved Geraldine Quinn doing the song for Hamish, as well.
Oh, God, so I'm not the only one who has a burning desire to discuss Adam's shirts? XD Heh, ok, I'll repost a little something I posted to my LJ a while back:

I was watching a recent eppy of Spicks&Specks the other day, and I swear that purple shirt with lavander roses Adam was sporting looked awfully familiar:

Flower Shirt

(On left, that's Frankie from an ep of Mock the Week -- an episode Adam was in, actually. Clearly, he's stealing other comedian's shirts XD)

Not all men can pull off a purple-shirt-with-lavander-roses, so kudos to the both of them for doing so very well. XD
That is amazingly well spotted, nice work :)

I noticed I've been unconsciously keeping track of them - found myself thinking "hey, this is the third time he's worn that!" more than once. /reasons you're a spicks and specks addict
Did you ever see the bit where Frankie talked about slash fiction?

Oh yeah, I saw that! This is why you should never Google yourself. XD
I find it's slightly more hit and miss these days, but I still love it.
I just caught this week's episode (damn NCIS: LA being on the same time :P) and is it just me, or did that Christian rock lady get shitty when Adam made the brown wafer joke? It sounded like she said 'oh, I don't like that' but there were a few people talking at the same time.
I didn't spot it the first time but I rewatched it and she does say it. Then it sounds like somebody laughs at her (not in a mean way) but it's a very quick cut.
Thankyou. She did seem particularly uptight for someone appearing on a fun game show. That old guy from Woodstock on Myf's team had some amazing stories though. :D
Yes, he's the sort of guest that makes me wish I had been at the recording, because you just know he would have told more than what was shown on television.
Oh absolutely! I can't believe how much cool stuff I have learned watching this, and I'm not even all that interested in music (I started watching for Adam Hills :P)