jaybee_bug (jaybee_bug) wrote in spicksandspecks,

Change in Staff in Spicks and Specks Community

Greetings, fellow Spicks-and-Speckers.

I've noticed the problem of spam messages in this comm, and the fact that the original comm owner apparently has abandoned this place. I've tried to contact her more than once and it's been over a year now and she hasn't replied. I filed a report with LiveJournal and they transferred maintainer powers to me so I could remove spam messages from the comm.

I realise this comm hasn't been very active (at all, heh), but there's still a huge membership, and it's my hope that people will still occasionally wish to use this comm. As such I want to be an active and responsible maintainer for you all.

If the owner busy_lizzy ever decides to return, of course, I'll be all too happy to welcome her back.

Feel free to offer any suggestions or ideas for the comm if you'd like, and feel free to start any discussions/post icons/reminisce/etc! The same rules as set down by the owner still apply. Just because Spicks and Specks has finally come to an end doesn't mean its communities have to. :)
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